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Emucheat is your number one source for EmuCheat codes.

In time I will provide codes for;
Sega Mega Drive
Nintendo 64
Sega Dreamcast

And Many More
~8th July 2007 - Update~

More codes have been added thanks to some members in the forum.

I will also be uploading the new codes ive made very soon.

EmuCheat has already got 220 cheat codes, tho may not sound much its not bad for a start, More codes will come soon

If you have any problems with any of the

codes found on Emucheat, please send me an email by visiting the Contact page.

Please make sure you have read any notes for each code (Notes will be shown as *Note) as the problem you are experiencing may allready be covered in its Notes

If you would to submit a cheat code you can send it via our Contacts page or our Forum, if the code was created or taken from another site, please credit it to its author or link to the site.

My Downloads section will host many emulators such as Snes, Megadrive, PSX, N64 and many more.

I will also host the program which you can use my codes with, EmuCheat is a brilliant tool which runs along with your emulator and allows you to hack your very own codes or simply enable codes that I have already made.

EmuCheat is a rather hard to find program so I will try my best to have a most upto date version
to download, I will also update its code list to save you time of having to make them or type them in.
Emucheat will only be updated in BULK, when I feel that theres enough new codes to be added, I will add them and update the download section.

In the mean time if you cant wait for the update, you can simply download the games cheat file and update your list manually by copying the cheat file to the relavant directory.